By Integrate
Skills needed:
- An basic understanding of WC tools and brush creation
- Good vertex manipulation skills
- Basic understanding of rspeeds
- The ability to read

So you want to make a crater? For those bombed out cities, mortar holes, and just places to camp in and pop your head out from time to time. Well, this is how you make a crater in 4 easy steps:

Step 1:

You start out with a brush where you want to put the crater. First you have to seperate that big brush into 4 smaller brushes creating a rectangular void in the middle. Then, create a new brush that is as big as that rectangular void. Stick it in that void but make it lower than the other brushes.

Step 2:

Now set your brush creation tool to WEDGES and create the corners of the crater making it look more rounded. I used only 4 (1 in each corner) but you can use more to give it an even more rounded look at the cost of higher wpoly.

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